Customer satisfaction is job one!

Today's poultry producers choose to invest millions of dollars, often their family land and their time in order to achieve their goal of self-employment in this great industry. That is why it is so important for them to team up with a reliable and time tested supplier for their housing, equipment and service needs.

East Texas Poultry Supply has proven their ability to help poultry growers achieve success for over one-half century. We offer top quality equipment at competitive prices and have a well-trained service team to help growers if they need assistance.

The part of our name "East Texas" simply refers to the city, Center, Texas, where we were founded in 1958. Since that humble beginning, we have expanded to include a separate location in Gonzales, Texas. Our primary service area now includes south, central and north Texas and over into Louisiana and most of that state.

The part of our name "Poultry" refers to our primary business and does not reveal the entire scope of East Texas Poultry Supply. For example, we ship feed storage bins to horse, cattle and other farming operations and have a retail store that is well stocked with a variety of items used at home or around the farm.

Our inventory includes all types of poultry equipment, water storage tanks, pressure pumps and other parts for your water needs. We also have new and refurbished electric motors, the largest inventory of HVAC motors, capacitors and contactors in the east Texas area. We also have a large selection of drive belts, pulleys and bearings of all sizes for farm or industrial use.

Our repair shop is always busy repairing motors, water medication pumps, bearings, poultry equipment and even heavy equipment used around the poultry farm.

Our retail outlet is equipped to ship all over the world.

New Arrivals


    While we only have one retail store, located in Center, Texas, our warehouse in Gonzales, Texas give us the base to offer full service to south and central Texas as well.

    Our ability to ship poultry equipment and supplies anywhere also expands our market area. Call us for quotes on new construction, refurbishing older houses or equipment. You will be pleased with our prices and service.